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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Abs Exercise: Double Up V-Sit Ups

The Double Up V-Sit Ups.  This is one of the most effective ab exercises around.

Where it Targets: 
1.     Abs
2.   Lower Abs
3.   Obliques

Equipment Needed: None
Step 1
Lie flat on the floor with your arms straight behind your head.
Step 2
Flex your hips and bend your knees to raise your legs and your torso from the floor
Step 3
Bring up your arms and make them touch your knees.
Step 4
Pause halfway and return the the floor.
Step 5
Straighten your arms and legs, flex again at your hips and lift your legs and torso from the floor.
Step 6
Make your toes and your hands touch.
Step 7
Pause halfway and return the the floor. Repeat for as many times you can with good, consistent form.

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