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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Why Form is Important in a Workout

What is form?
When you are working out, you are targeting specific muscle groups. E.g. Bicep Curls target the biceps. You may slightly work out a few other muscles but the target is the Bicep. Form is your way of doing your exercise. 
Form determines how well you're doing your exercise and the results. Form is important when trying to ensure that your targeted muscle gets the best workout. It is also essential in preventing injuries. Bad form is very common in men. However, you will often see women with bad form.
Causes of Bad Form
Many people have a strange way of thinking. They seem to believe that the heavier the weight, the better and the quicker the results. However, their strange conception leads them into a bad form. Control is key. A lower weight with good form is much better than high weight with poor form. 

Bad Form in Men AND Women!!!
Bad form in most common in men. Men tend to think that weight is the only thing that matters. They grab the heaviest weight and then they have no control over it. Their form is then compromised. They have to use bad form in order to lift the weight.They have to use more than the targeted muscle to lift it. Men also tend to rock back and forth when lifting a heavy load. That is BAD FORM. This rocking back and forth shows that you are lifting too heavy a weight. Never lift weight that you can't handle comfortably.
HOWEVER, women are no exception to bad form!!! Although bad form is less common in women it still happens. They too can have a problem with form. Whereas men try to show off their strength by using bad form, women do the opposite. Sometimes women use bad form because they are self conscious about their bodies. For example: A woman doing Bicep Curls. Instead of moving the arms all the way up until the hands are at shoulder level, they curl just enough so that their arms are at a 90 degree angle. That is half of the motion. They are cheating themselves and using bad form.

Essentials to keeping a good form
1. KEEP STABLE- Your body shouldn't be rocking at all. Try to move only the targeted muscle. If it’s a leg exercise, then your legs should be the ones moving. 

2. KEEP CONTROLLED- Control is key. You should be able to comfortably handle a weight, not attempting a heavy one which you ca
n't have control over. Also you should perform your workout steadily- not too fast.
3. COMPLETE THE MOVEMENT- Never compromise your form. If you're lifting a weight then lift it fully. Don’t cheat yourself out of a full exercise.

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