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Friday, 28 October 2011

Tips on Motivating Yourself

By reading this blog you will gain knowledge on how to get or keep fit. However, several people aren't consistent with a particular regime. They fail to stick with it for long enough to see improvements. To attain a high level of fitness, you must be mentally and physically prepared. What most people lack but need is Motivation. When you have little motivation, you then begin to quit and conceive that the workout isn't profitable. This will really upset your goals. With little or no motivation you might sometimes decide to exercise but you may often say NO. That will never get you results.

Tip 1:
 Set a purpose. If you are training for a marathon for example, you will increase the likelihood of you working out so that your performance in that event is great.
Tip 2:
Have a training partner. If you have someone reliable to exercise with, you'll be much more likely to continue with a regime than you would on your own. By spurring each other on and pushing one another you can go to new lengths for example, you can do more 'Push Ups' than you normally can.
Tip 3:
Once you have found a good workout that you would like to stick to you must follow through with it. There is always going to be 2 sides of you. One will be the lazy side (more commonly) feeding you with excuses as to why you shouldn't exercise. Don't pay attention to this side. As you progress, you'll then begin to pay less attention to the lazy side.
Tip 4:
One way to keep motivated is to keep a photo diary. This will allow you to track your progress and actually allow you to see the changes for yourself. You should take a picture of your body every 4-5 weeks. DO NOT look at the diary too often and DO NOT take a picture too often as you will not notice a big difference which will de-motivate 
you and cause you to give in to your lazy side.

If you listen to these tips and follow them, you will stop missing workout sessions and find yourself much more motivated than before.

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