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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Why Stretching is Important

Stretching is vital. In any workout you do, you have to realise that stretching is necessary. Stretching builds up your flexibility and lowers the risk of you getting injured. To prevent injury you must stretch prior to your workout and after to cool down. Stretching allows the muscles to loosen up to mobilise them for demand of the exercise ahead. By stretching, you are ensuring the muscles move gently and not sharply with a lot of strain. Stretching is used by physiotherapist and doctors to help many people recover from of injury. 

Stretching before and after exercise allows the body to gently pull on all the muscles that will be used, or have been used, decreasing the chance of tearing and injury. Muscle tearing causes injury. Exercising straightaway without stretching first means putting yourself at risk of injury. 

Stretching before and after reduces stiffness during with exercise. When exercising, stiffness is not a good thing to experience. If a person gets too stiff the likelihood of them continuing the the workout is minuscule. This can  affect their overall fitness level. Stretching after a workout allows the muscles to expand and relax a tense part of the body. 

Stretching is very important to fitness. Stretching doesn't just lessen the chance of injury, it also helps recovery when injured. When a muscle has been torn or injured in any other way, stretching them allows the muscle to slowly restore the muscle's strength. 
Stretching is important because while doing this you deliver oxygen to your muscles and it helps prevent waste products like lactic acid to build up in your muscles. There is then a less chance of undergoing soreness the next day.

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