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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fitness: Strength

What is Strength
From one of the previous posts: "5 Major Components of Fitness" you will learn that strength is 'the ability to apply force & overcome resistance'. It is also 'the ability of the muscles to carry out daily tasks'. Strength is generally the amount of force that can be exerted by a muscle. 

 This involves:
  • maximum strengththe maximum force that can be applied by a muscle to an object;
  • muscular power - the amount of force applied to something or the ability to do strength performances quickly (Speed x Strength = Power);
  • muscular endurance- The ability to work for long periods of time without getting tired. 
Types of Strength

Dynamic StrengthThe strength we need to keep us moving over long periods of time;
Static Strength- Strength that is applied in a Stationary Position;
Explosive Strength- Maximum strength applied in one explosive quick powerful movement;
Isotonic Contraction- Muscle contraction as the muscle is moving;
Isometric Contraction- Muscle contraction in a static or stationary position.

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