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Sunday, 13 November 2011

How Sleep Affects our Fitness Goals

Did you know that we require 8 hours of sleep every night. And did you know that if you are American and don't get enough sleep, you are one of the 70% of Americans that struggle to get enough sleep. Many factors affect us and prevent us from getting enough sleep. Some of these causes are stress, time, work, children etc...

Many of us struggle to get a decent amount of sleep every night. Today I am telling you, whether or not you know it, that deprivation of sleep can and does affect fitness goals. Lack of sleep doesn't just affect your energy levels. Not only is your lack of sleep affecting your energy throughout the day it is also working against you when it comes to achieving your own fitness goals.

You might feel like there is something missing from your fitness program that is maybe preventing you from reaching your goals. This missing thing is "sleep". Sleep can be defined as the resting state in which the body is not active and the mind is unconscious. People generally tend to focus on training and nutrition. Most people don't prioritise sleep when trying to get fit quick.

The value of sleep more often than not goes unnoticed. We must get some rest. Statistics have shown that we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. It is proven that lack of sleep can shorten life expectancy.

1. Energy Levels- Sleep deprivation means lack of energy. This can mean than you might not find interest in exercise.  This is a really negative factor which can undermine results.
2. Sleep patterns affect our hormones-Less sleep often results in an increase in a cortisol hormone levels. An increase in cortisol levels adds to an increase in food intake and abdominal fat storage. Sleep deprivation is also link with a decrease in a protein hormone called Leptin from fat cells. As Leptin decreases you feel hungry and an increased appetite.
Tips to help you sleep
1. Create a noise free sleeping environment.
2. Don't bring food to the bed.
3. Set a time to go to bed and be consistent with it.
4. Don't consume caffeine and other things which may affect your sleep.
5. Prioritise and order your duties.

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