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Friday, 29 July 2011

Stop Eating Fast Food!!!

Fast food companies are trying to make money out of your obesity. They are partly responsible for this obesity problem and therefore you shouldn't trust them. I have some good reasons why fast food should be avoided.

Reason 1
Obesity is a consequence of over intake of calories. Eating more calories than you burn over a period of time is one of the  factors of obesity. Convenience foods like burgers, chips and fried chicken are rich in calories so avoid them completely!

Reason 2
The the real cause of high cholesterol and heart diseases are Trans fats. They are deadly. Simple as!!

Reason 3
Another problem that needs to be tackled is the large intake of Processed Sugars.
High amounts of this are found in fizzy drinks, ready-made cakes and biscuits. They have a scarce amount of nutrients.

Reason 4
White bread and cakes are often rich in Processed Carbohydrates (another cause of obesity). They lack nutritional value.

Reason 5
Sweeteners and other flavour enhancers have been linked to some cancers. They are often found in drinks and sauces like ketchup and mustard. The Artificial Additives in them are damaging to your health.

Quick Recap
Fast food chains are profiting at your expense. They put your health at risk. Avoid them completely. Refuse to be part of this marketing scam. They will prevent your fitness goals from happening. Alternatively eat sensibly. Have a diet with fresh lean meat, dairy, whole grain, 5 fresh fruit and vegetables a day and also eat fresh fish.
Don't take shortcuts when eating meals, but cook them from scratch.

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